Free Wealth Creation Resources – Property Investment Blogs

Free Wealth Creation Resources – Property Investment Blogs

At Custodian, we are committed to assisting everyday Australians with their wealth creation success, through education, strategy, and application of 7 Steps to Wealth strategy. We understand though that many people are not in the position to just jump right in with our property investment strategies, so we also provide a number of free resources to help people get started and hopefully enjoy some positive financial outcomes by taking some simple steps. This article offers a summary of some of the free wealth creation resources we offer, especially the Property Investment Blogs and Property Investment Events.

Property Investment Blogs With experiences and proven knowledge from our property investment professionals, we do provide you with the up-to-date education in every category – from Market Update to Food for Though, from Finance advice to Goal Settings, from must-have knowledge of Real Estate to Signpost to Success. Subscribe our Property Investment Blogs to enrich your investment experience.

Property Investment Seminars – We conduct many wealth creation workshops throughout every month of the year, at locations throughout Australia. These typically are conducted on an evening, some in the countries CBDs, others in suburbs and others is regional centers. These workshops are completely FREE to ATTEND. If you would like more information about our schedule of upcoming workshops, click through to our Facebook Events Page.

Property Investment Webinars – Similar to our workshops, our free webinars cater to people who tend to be too remote to attend our workshops. They also cater to people who cannot make workshops due to timing. The material is similar in nature to the workshops, adapted for online delivery though. These also are a great way to start learning about wealth creation in property. If you are interested in attending our next webinar, contact our head office on 1800 174 999.

7 Steps To Wealth – Our director John Fitzgerald is the author of best selling book, 7 Steps to Wealth. You can download the first 3 chapters of this book here

Free Financial Assessment – You can organise a free financial assessment to see what you can borrow. Visit our site here

Team – You can join our Team team. Members of this team receive regular updates, tips and education about wealth creation in property.

Custodian TV – Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for weekly updates about wealth creation and a range of other topics related to living your dream lifestyle. We also have 150 videos already in this channel for you to browse and learn from. Subscribe here

So there are some of our free resources to get you moving on the road to wealth creation. Go on, get started today.


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