Custodian Investment

There is no guarantee in property investment. But if you want to play it safe and many pitfalls, then Property investment with the Custodian team is for you. It is a method of accumulating wealth over time, that has been tried and tested. Custodian Investment has delivered a proven investment strategy to hundreds of clients […]

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Free Wealth Creation Resources – Property Investment Blogs

Free Wealth Creation Resources – Property Investment Blogs At Custodian, we are committed to assisting everyday Australians with their wealth creation success, through education, strategy, and application of 7 Steps to Wealth strategy. We understand though that many people are not in the position to just jump right in with our property investment strategies, so […]

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Fundamentals of Property Investment

Fundamentals of Property Investment Investing in property is never an easy pursuit. While it is something that we should all be doing, there are plenty of things relating to fundamentals of property investment that are not appealing at all. Consider for example the possibility of losing money through ill placed investments. This keeps some people […]

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