Custodian Finance pride themselves on providing well researched property advice, wealth creation and finance solutions. Our residential property investment focus is based on our belief we need to protect clients from the ups and downs of the share market, while providing a long term ‘slow but steady’ approach.

  • Housing will always be in demand as it is a basic human need – everyone needs to live somewhere and this is a great advantage we can exploit.
  • With Australian population numbers also rising, the thirst for housing will invariably continue to grow.
  • Historically, the median house price in Australia has doubled every eight to ten years therefore property remains a viable wealth building vehicle.
  • Property, for most people, represents familiar ground. It is easier to become well versed in creating a successful strategy for building a portfolio of investment properties than it is to negotiate the complex and volatile landscape of the sharemarket.
  • Most banks regard property as prime security for loans, against which some will lend up to 90 – 95% of the property’s value.

Wealth Building is not just about money. For many people, it is about a secure retirement, a great family lifestyle and financial freedom.

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