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Custodian Wealth

Custodian have been helping ordinary Australians build wealth through residential property investment for over 30 years.

Whether you are dipping your toes into the property market, planning on strengthening your portfolio, or are merely just thinking about property investment, we can help in a big way.

We run frequent complimentary property information workshops across the country specifically designed to introduce the key principles and tools of wealth creation. We encourage proactive involvement and present opportunities to greatly enhance your current assets.

As implied by our name, Custodian WealthBuilders is about showing you how to keep, maintain and protect your acquisitions. A steady plan of action is our recommended path for all our clients and many of them are well on their way to financial freedom.

Margaret and Mark Wachnik had always been proactive about wealth building, however they just needed the right advice, so Margaret decided to read some books on personal finance.

In 2000, the couple attended a Custodian WealthBuilders property investment seminar in Brisbane and across Australia and soon afterwards purchased two investment properties in Brisbane. Currently they own their own home and have built a portfolio of 12 investment properties in just ten years with an estimated value of $8 million.

Margaret and Mark’s story is nothing extraordinary. At Custodian, we can educate and assist you to do something very similar to the Wachniks, helping securing your financial future and putting you on the path to achieve your financial dreams.

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